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Another lovely city located along the Severn River is Gloucester. This city was first built in 48 AD by the Romans as several sections of a stone wall and Roman coins have been discovered. After the Romans withdrew the Saxons ruled the city and in 681 they built an abbey. Much of the core street layout in the city can be traced to the time towards the end of the Saxon rule.

One of the most notable buildings in the city is the cathedral which was built on the foundations of the original abbey. While most of the cathedral was built in the Norman style though several of the additions were made using gothic architecture.

You can view many houses form the Tudor and medieval times. The only surviving public building is the New Inn found on Northgate Street, Thus is a timbered house that have courtyards and massive external galleries. Many of the half timbered and gabled houses are from the Tudor period.

There are many houses from medieval times and the Tudor period as they can be distinguished by the many gables and use of timber. Many of the main public buildings have since been demolished but the New Inn can still be visited on Northgate Street. This in has extensive external galleries as well as several courtyards.

Gloucester is fairly easy to reach as it is right on one of the main motorways as well as be in on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal. While very large ships cannot travel the canal, coasters and other small craft can use the canal. This spot was very important for travelers as it is at the low point of the river. So if you were traveling from South Wales to London, or vice versa, you would pass through Gloucester.

Every third year you can attend the Three Choirs Festival which is one of the oldest musical festivals still being held in Europe. There are plenty of venues for music and entertaining and the Guidhall and Leisure Center have plenty of facilities. There is also an International Rhythm and Blues Festival held at the end of July/beginning of August.

One of the oldest musical festivals still held in Europe is in Gloucester every three years. There are a lot of venues for entertainment, music and theater and the Leisure Center and Guidhall being the two largest. You can also attend the International Rhythm and Blues festival held at the end of July and the beginning of August each year. The Tall Ships also have come into Gloucester several times.

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