“Women in the Middle East and North Africa”: the latest in the political news

January 10, 2017 | Author: | Posted in News and Society

“Women in the Middle East and North Africa”, edited by Moha Ennaji and Fatima Sadiqi, examines the status of women in the North Africa (MENA) region and Middle East. Although the mentioned places are diverse but they do share some commonalities with respect to women that are deep, pervasive and strong. The space is totally patriarchal and carries very strong religious sense. In fact, there is an existence of modernity and tradition at the same time. Experts residing in the region have come up with their thoughts and ideas about the region and also provide theoretical angles. In the revolutionary and influential work, various political, socio-economic, religious, historical and legal issues are covered. There are mostly 5 chapters in the book that address several aspects like political agency, legal reform, civil society activism, symbolic and religious agencies, social and cultural. It brings to light the marginalized sections, the topics and issues that are never discussed. The fieldworks are drawn from Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Oman, etc. This book is also discussed out the leading political news channels.

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