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While “writer’s block” is a common problem for authors, the main reason for not finishing a book generally comes from not knowing how to creatively solve problems and the three myths of publishing. Most authors feel that writing and publishing the book themselves is the only way to go, but this option is slow and difficult.

The good news is, there is an alternative way for you to write your book with everything you need. Just proactively follow this deviated path and team up with co-authors, and you will find a way that’s fun, fast, and easy!

Here are the three myths of publishing for you rid yourself of.

1st Myth – Book publishing is difficult.

Publishing a book is hard if you are trying to find a literary agent and get a big publisher to advance you $ 100,000 for your book, but that’s why there are alternate options. Co-authoring with someone who already has a New York Publisher who wants to get a book on your topic to publish is now a far better option. Even better, this new way isn’t hard, in fact it’s as simple as taking candy from a baby.

2nd Myth – Publishing a book takes a lot of time.

This might be true from your point of view, because it takes an average time of about two and a half years to write a book and get it published. When your topic is hot now that seems like forever, or in order to land that big job you needed to have the credibility of being an author yesterday! But the time to complete the book and get it published is a matter of months, not years, if you choose to co-author with an ongoing project that needs your area of expertise. In fact, you could measure your part in hours; it can be so fast.

3rd Myth – There isn’t any fun in publishing a book.

This is most likely the worst myth of all as it keeps you from being able to express your creativity. Again, you don’t have to let that happen if you work with other co-authors and let your imagination and spirit run free. This is particularly true if you create a business from the information in your book and earn a passive monthly income. When that happens, co-authoring a book could be the best experience of your life.

ACTION POINT: Don’t let the three publishing myths by choosing the option that allows you to write a book and get it published fast and easy. Even better, by co-authoring on a book project that is part of a bestselling business with others, there is a very good chance that you’ll make a lot of money too, which makes it all the more fun!

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