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The Internet has changed publishing, making it possible for more people to write published book reviews for the large audience of web surfers looking for perspective before they purchase a book. With more visibility for book reviewers comes the opportunity for them to make money doing what they love to do. Even seasoned book reviewers can always improve their skills. Here are some basic tips for writing a good book review, whether for print or for the Internet. There is no perfect format for writing book reviews, but there are some tried and true methods you can use to structure your work with quality. You want people to read your review and you want to make money at your craft, so whether you review romances, self-help books or classic literature, here are some guidelines.

Asking questions before you start reading the book you will be reviewing will make your job easier. Think about what type of audience you are writing your review for. The title is one of the main features, which intrigues people about a book. What does the title suggest or set up for the reader? Don’t skip the introduction. Often you learn crucial points about the book in the preface or introduction. You might also find inconsistencies between the intro and the main text. Peruse the Table of Contents as a reference for key points or transitions in the book.

While reading, pay attention to key features. What is the book’s particular genre–or is it difficult to classify? Does the author present a certain point of view or is it difficult to discern? What is the style of the language? Is it formal or informal–and does the style work? Make note of any key ideas or concepts, which are either implicit or explicit. Perhaps, even, the author has not developed key concepts. Do things that go unstated in the book actually make it stronger? Check for accuracy with footnotes or other sources. How does the book compare to others like it?

When writing, remember people on the Internet have short attention spans. Use an effective opening sentence. You can summarize the plot, but you don’t have to. You do not necessarily have to state whether you recommend the book or not. Try to address the book and not what you wish the book had been. Maybe you disdain the book, but perhaps certain people will find it useful or important. End with a summary, wrapping up your review, without complicating with new material.

If you love reading books and writing book reviews, you can make more money at it the more you continue to refine your craft. Keep researching tips and advice for the art of writing book reviews, and the more you improve, the more money you are likely to make.

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