YayYo, Inc. Begins Hiring Drivers for RideYayYo Ridesharing Platform Launching into Beta in Los Angeles

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Company receives more than 600 applicants in two weeks; drivers selected for RideYayYo will receive guaranteed salary, benefits, flexible shifts, and a brand-new car to take home for no cost 

LOS ANGELES – May 18, 2017 – YayYo, Inc. (“YayYo”), the leading app providing smartphone metasearch for ridesharing services, today announced it has begun hiring drivers as it ramps up for the beta launch of its new cost-efficient rideshare service RideYayYo in LA County, as announced last week.

YayYo kicked off a marketing campaign to attract potential drivers as it prepares to put cars on the road in the coming weeks. The Company received an overwhelming response from potential drivers – more than 600 applicants in two weeks – who are interested in the unique benefits offered by RideYayYo that are unmatched by competing rideshare services. Drivers with RideYayYo will receive a guaranteed salary, benefits including car insurance, and flexible scheduling.

Drivers will also receive a brand-new car which they will drive for RideYayYo and can also be taken home, at no cost. The driver will be able to use the car for personal use if they comply with the guidelines for basic car maintenance, vehicle storage, and a limited mileage designation within their contract.

“We have seen tremendous interest from prospective drivers for RideYayYo, but we aren’t surprised. Like riders, drivers are also looking for a better ridesharing experience than what is currently available on the market,” said Ramy El Batrawi, CEO, YayYo. “It’s been well documented that drivers for the leading services now are seeing too much of their fares taken from them, either by the company or other expenses like tolls, insurance, and car payments. We want to provide our drivers with a guaranteed dependable income that isn’t eaten away by other fees so they remain happy and motivated to provide the best experience possible for their riders.”

Drivers will also partake in an extensive training program as part of the onboarding process, ensuring riders are given the safest and most professional service available. Background checks and in-person training will enable RideYayYo to avoid issues related to existing driver qualifications of other services, and on-board cameras will allow the Company to monitor all activity inside each vehicle.

YayYo plans to complete the driver hiring process and debut its fleet throughout LA County in the coming weeks. RideYayYo will then be available exclusively through the YayYo app. Interested drivers can apply at www.drive4yayyo.com.

About YayYo, Inc. 

The Company was also recently qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission for a Regulation A+ Initial Public Offering to raise gross proceeds of $50 million. Interested investors can purchase shares directly at www.YayYoIpo.com.

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