YayYo Goes Public Under Regulation A+

October 2, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Business, Finance

YayYo is has gone gone public under Regulation A+ at $8 a share. Information about the offering is available at www.yayyoipo.com. Ramy El-Batrawi founded YayYo in June of last year. His vision of a metasearch for the transportation industry will be launched in the nest few months. Mr. El-Batrawi started the company with a simple idea, to be able to compare prices and distance of rideshare operators, one year later it is becoming a reality.

YayYo is a single sign-on metasearch app for your smartphone that provides price comparison and booking of eventually all available ridesharing and taxi services along with select limousine and public transportation services. YayYo offers all the convenience you expect plus unique benefits and conveniences not available from Uber, Lyft or taxi services alone.

YayYo benefits;

  • Single sign-on across all service platforms
  • Complete access to your transportation needs
  • Transparent interface with ride service providers allowing you to access all the features you now use
  • Lowest available price guarantee
  • Complete access; assure service in a city not serviced by traditional ridesharing companies
  • Diverse payment options including credit cards, debit cards and PayPal
  • Loyalty rewards program

YayYo will provide a ‘Kayak-style’ metasearch experience for the ridesharing world by enabling real-time transportation quote and comparison options as well as a seamless, multiservice provider-booking engine. With YayYo, users only have to sign up for one app one time and instantly gain the benefit of mobile, one- tap order efficiency from a growing list of popular on demand ridesharing services. Users can request the most affordable ride (Yay!) and YayYo ensures the correct car arrives every time (Yo!). YayYo handles all the necessary customer support and accounts for rider pain-points such as surge pricing while comparing quotes. Furthermore, YayYo will provide every rider with an engaging, geo-relevant entertainment experience including additional cost saving benefits and relevant information and offerings to users.

YayYo is developing a consolidated quote retrieval platform with a merchant processing layer that resides atop existing ridesharing platforms such as Uber, Lyft, Via, Curb, Flywheel, Gett, Juno, Hailo and Didi. Many of these platforms do not offer direct or complete API access; thus, the technical barrier to entry is steep. YayYo is developing and the creating our own proprietary APIs and Android virtualization technology. YayYo will be fully capable of remotely and autonomously operating ridesharing user accounts on behalf of YayYo users – the first single-sign-on solution for the growing ridesharing & transportation economy.
The YayYo App is like a travel assistant. We are changing the way users commute by doing the work for them. By setting their preferences in their profile when they download the app, YayYo will book rides for them that are filtered to match exactly what they want. No searching, no guessing, no opening multiple apps to see if they’re getting the best deal. YayYo will do it for them. If they want the cheapest ride every time, YayYo will book that for them, If they want the ride closest to them YayYo will get that instead. This app is made to make things easier for users and gives them the peace of mind knowing that their saving money while getting them where they need to go how they want to get there.

What makes YayYo different from other apps is that we approached this from a users perspective. We aggregate your favorite ways of commuting, and integrated that into our technology, while making the app simple to navigate. By leveraging elements that most users are already familiar with, we give users the benefit of seeing multiple service providers from one app. The best thing about YayYo is that users only need a YayYo account and they will have access to every provider in our app. So no more logging into multiple accounts and keeping track of multiple receipts and different trips, YayYo keeps track of all of that for them, and they can access it from one location within the YayYo app or website dashboard. Along with only needing a YayYo account, is that we offer a rewards program that lets them acquire Yaymiles points with every trip they take that can be redeemed for ride fare discounts and free rides within the YayYo app.

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